Community Research Teams

This project uses co-production in order to explore the essence of a good life in older age.  As part of this method we have recruited 5 ‘community research teams’.  Each team will be made up of volunteers, who will jointly carry out research about the essence of a good life in older age.  Using a method known as ‘co-production’ each community research team has received training in the use of a variety of research methods, including visual methods analysis, focus group methodology and survey design.  Using this training, community team members are then enabled to go out into their own communities to collect research data, and then return to the team for data analysis.  During analysis sessions teams discuss the data collected, before analysing this data for major themes and issues informing what a ‘good life’ means to older people in Scotland.


We have now identified the five geographical areas in which are community research teams are going to be active.  We have volunteers for participants in each of these areas, and each of the groups is currently undergoing training on the use of a range of research methods.  Our groups are;

Stirlingshire, Clackmannanshire and the Northern Central Belt.  This site will be centred on the Stirlingshire area, with workshop sessions being based on the campus of the University of Stirling

The Scottish Borders.  This site will be centred around the town of Galashiels, due to its location in the centre of the Scottish borders.  Volunteers in this group cover a wide arae across the Scottish Borders

Aberdeenshire and the Central and Eastern Highlands.  This site will be centred on the city of Aberdeen and its surrounding area around the Northern Cairngorms, and across to Inverness.

Glasgow, Kilmarnock and Ayrshire.  This site focuses on the Greater Glasgow area and along Scotland’s south west coastal strip towards Kilmarnock and Ayrshire.  The site is based in Kilmarnock, but includes members from Ayrshire and Glasgow

Perth and Pitlochry.  This site will be focused on the southern and Eastern Highlands and north of the Firth of Forth, and will be centred on either Perth or Pitlochry.

Focus groups are also being conducted across Scotland.  For more information and how to take place, please visit the ‘how to get involved page’